Queste sonno le miracole de Roma - Introduction

"Queste sonno le miracole de Roma" from the MS Florence, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Cod. Gaddi 148 (saec. XII-XIII) is the first surviving translation of a Latin original manuscript of the Mirabilia into italiano volgare. Structure and content follow an unknown Latin original dating from the 12th century which is most closely related to MS L, formerly owned by Carlo Lochis (cf. Valentini / Zuchetti, III-1946, p. 14). The clear and coherent language of the MS is indicative of an educated and mindful translator.

This edition has been compiled according to the original manuscript, in order to preserve the graphic characteristics and has been compared to the edition by Ernesto Monaci. A detailed descrption of the MS is to be found in the preface of Monaci's edition.

Bibliographical references:

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