Lookup cumulative lexical entry: α-privativum

  1. ﻡ‎ﺩ‎آ‎ [ʾdm]
  2. آ‎ﺭ‎ﺏ‎ [brʾ]
  3. ﺩ‎ﺡ‎ﺝ‎ [ǧḥd]
  4. ﺭ‎ي‎ﺝ‎ [ǧyr]
  5. ﺝ‎ﺭ‎ﺥ‎ [ḫrǧ]
  6. ﻑﻝ‎ﺥ‎ [ḫlf]
  7. ﻥ‎و‎ﺩ‎ [dwn]
  8. ﺏ‎ﻩ‎ﺫ‎ [ḏhb]
  9. آ‎ﺩ‎ﺭ‎ [rdʾ]
  10. ﻥ‎ك‎ﺱ‎ [skn]
  11. ﻑﻉ‎ﺽ‎ [ḍʿf]
  12. ﻡ‎ﺩ‎ﻉ‎ [ʿdm]
  13. ﺭ‎ي‎ﻍ‎ [ġyr]
  14. ﻕ‎ي‎ﻍ‎ [ġyq]
  15. ﺩ‎ﺭ‎ﻑ [frd]
    • ‏مفرد‎ (pass. part. IV) Galen An. virt. ἄποιος = mufradun mina l-kayfiyyāti
      ὕλης ... ἀποίου Galen An. virt. 36.23 = al-hayūlā l-mufradatu mina l-kayfiyyāti 13.4
  16. ﺩ‎ﻕ‎ﻑ [fqd]
  17. ﻉ‎ﻁ‎ﻕ‎ [qṭʿ]
  18. ﻝ‎ﻝ‎ﻕ‎ [qll]
  19. ﻝ‎ [l]
  20. آ‎ﻝ‎ [lʾ]
  21. ﺯ‎ﻝ‎ [lz]
    • ‏لا‎ (particle) Arist. Gener. anim. ἀκρατῆ τὰ παιδία μέχρι πόρρω τῆς κεφαλῆς ἐστι = lā taqwī l-aṭfālu ʿalā ḥamlin wa ḍabṭun raʾusahum zamānan kaṯīran
  22. ﻡ‎ﻝ‎ [lm]
  23. ﺱ‎ي‎ﻝ‎ [lys]
  24. ﻥ‎ﻡ‎ [mn]
  25. ﻉ‎ﻥ‎ﻡ‎ [mnʿ]

Translation process scheme for α-privativum

Explanation: This diagram displays the translation process for one word, starting from the authors and their texts, which are then translated by different persons into different forms. To highlight all the connections of one node, click on one of the vertical bars.

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