Source: De cubi duplicatione

Eratosthenes, author

Erat. Cub. dupl. = Eratosthenis Epistola de cubi duplicatione, ap. Archimidis opera omnia cum commentariis Eutocii. Ed. Iohan Ludvig Heiberg, corrigenda adiecit Evangelos Stamatis. Vol. III, pp. 88–96. Stuttgardiae in aedibus B.G. Teubneri 1915. Repr. 1972. — Ref. to | page | . | line | .

¶ Amin Muwafi and A.N. Philippou, ‘An Arabic Version of Eratosthenes on Mean Proportionals’; Richard Lorch, ‘A Note on the Technical Vocabulary in Eratosthenes’ Tract on Mean Proportionals’. In: Journal for the History of Arabic Science; 5. Aleppo 1981, pp. 147–70. — Ref. to | page | . | line | .

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